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Li Lianying, The Imperial Eunuch

Li Lianying, The Imperial Eunuch
Country惻Region China
Hong Kong
Archive Topic Asian History
Category Feature film
Asia Focus: Year of the Fukuoka Film Festival 1991
Director Tian Zhuang-Zhuang
Cast Jian Wen / Liu Xiao-qing / Zhu Xu
Other Information 1990 / Color / 35 mm / WIDE / 107 minutes
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The eunuch Li Lianying served Empress Dowager Cixi for over 52 years from his childhood. As the right-hand man and favorite eunuch of the notorious Empress Dowager, who is said to have delayed modernization, the eunuch was given access to the inner palace, the seat of political power. The film depicts Li Lianying's unhappy life of obeying the Empress Dowager blindly to protect himself.

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