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The Rainbow Troops

The Rainbow Troops
Country・Region Indonesia
Archive Topic Asian Literature
Category Feature film
Asia Focus: Year of the Fukuoka Film Festival 2009
Director Riri Riza
Cast Cut Mini / Zulfanny / Ferdian
Other Information 2008 / Color / 35 mm / VISTA / 125 minutes / English Subtitles
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In 1974, ten children enroll in an Islamic elementary school on a small island of the Indonesian archipelago. Most of them are children of poor day laborers going through a tough life, but they all like school. A newly appointed young female teacher calls these unique children the “Rainbow Troops” and is enthusiastic in offering them guidance. “The Rainbow Troops” is a film adaptation of Andrea Hirata's literary work “Laskar Palangi.” The film vividly depicts the lives of the people on the Sumatran Island of Belitong in the 1970s.

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