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Rinchen Wangdi

Rinchen Wangdi
Name Rinchen Wangdi
Country・Region Bhutan
Category Arts and Culture
Specialty Painting
Classification Residence Program
Year of Stay 2006

ProfileBorn in 1979 and studied Bhutan traditional art at the Institute of Language and Culture Studies, Bhutan. Also a member of the artist group VAST.

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【Duration of Stay】
September 6th - December 6th

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【Main Activities】
Created three large paintings based on personal fantasies and memories of people and scenery he saw in Japan and Bhutan.

▽Opening Work
October 13th - "Tanka"
With 15 high school students from Kyushu High School's Design Department, he created "Tanka" in the Sculpture Lounge.

October 18th - 21st - "Tanka"
Above mentioned "Tanka" were displayed in the 1st floor of Fukuoka City Hall.

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November 3rd - "Asian Mix"
"Art Picnic 2006"
With Kumamoto artist, Nao Okayama, held a workshop titled "Children Culture Community". Participants, mothers with their children, painted Bhutan clouds and pictures of each other on a enormous piece of fabric. (20 participants)

November 7th - 11th - "Let's Draw Tanka!"
Taught how to paint traditional Bhutan Buddhist paintings and how to make canvas over six days in the Culture Studio. (19 participants)

November 17th - 19th - "Let's Make Wooden Disguises"
In an open studio workshop, created woodblock prints in a disguise motif of Guru Rinpoche who appears in Bhutan Buddhist tales in the Sculpture Lounge. (95 participants)

From December 4th - "School Program: Exchanging Culture"
He painted a gigantic landscape painting with Fukuoka junior high school students. This landscape was completed in Bhutan with students from Chanha Junior High School. On September 20th, 2007, students of both countries used the internet to exchange thoughts and opinions on the painting. (100 student participants of Goryo Junior High School)

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December 5th - "Artist Talk"
After the opening ceremony of the Winds of Artist in Residence 2006 Part Two, he spoke about his artwork created in Fukuoka. (75 participants)

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December 5th - 24th
The Winds of Artist in Residence 2006 Part 2

Displayed in the Sculpture Lounge were three pieces Mr. Wangdi created during his stay in Fukuoka as well as the artwork created by the participants of his workshops at the Winds of Artist in Residence 2006 Part 2.

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