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Information about Business Establishment in Fukuoka City


Business Environment

You can download the brochure of “FUKUOKA GATEWAY TO ASIA -Invitation to establish businesses in Fukuoka City” that contains various information about Fukuoka City, including its advantages and business environment.


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Support Program and Tax Breaks for Business Establishment

Introduction of support programs for business establishment in Fukuoka City.

Fukuoka City Business Establishment Support Program

Companies categorized into the following industries, which are the targeted industries of Fukuoka City, may be eligible for support program: Knowledge Creation Industry, Medicine Healthcare and Welfare Industry, Environment and Energy-related Industry, Foreign& Foreign-affiliated Companies, Logistics Industry, Urban Manufacturing Industry, Headquarters Functions, Call Centers, etc.)

Incentives to Strengthen Local Presence (Japanese version only)

Tax incentive to companies locating or transferring their headquarters operations to the city.
Eligible headquarters functions are as follows: Research and Planning, Information Processing, R&D, International Business, and other administrative sections (General Affairs, Accounting and Human Resources), Research Institutions, and Training Facilities).

Green Asia International Special District (Japanese version only)

Tax break available for companies locating or transferring their R&D or Production Facilities to the special district to produce products such as power semiconductor, hydrogen energy, and organic EL that have high environmental performance features.

About Establishment Of Foreign Companies

(1)Guidebook of Business Establishment in Fukuoka City (3,830kbyte)pdf

You can download “Guidebook for Business Establishment in Fukuoka City” to learn about steps and procedures for establishing business in Fukuoka City.

(2)Flowchart of Business Establishment (119kbyte)pdf

The flowchart teaches you the process of business establishment from the examination stage to commencement of business operations.

(3)Cost Simulation (43kbyte)pdf

To set up an office in Fukuoka you need to consider business costs such as office rent and set up cost.
You can check expected start-up costs here.

(4)About the “Fukuoka City Foreign Company / Investment Promotion Center” (52kbyte)pdf

This one-stop center is located on the 14th floor of the Fukuoka City Hall Central Government Building in the Business-Start-up & Investment Promotion Section of the Business Startup & Investment Promotion Department within the Economy, Visitor/Tourism & Culture Bureau, and provides information about administrative procedures that foreign companies need to complete to establish a business in Fukuoka City.

(5)Business Support Services

Introduction of Japanese companies, agencies and individuals that can support business establishment of foreign companies wishing to set up business in Fukuoka.
 ・Japanese version (535kbyte)pdf
 ・Foreign language version  (126kbyte)pdf

  ★For registration→ application form
          Please mail to

(6)List of Useful Business Information Websites

  ・List of related links (40kbyte)pdf
  ・Other useful links (38kbyte)pdf

(7)FAQ (83kbyte)pdf


Fukuoka Creative Camp (external link)

Through this project Fukuoka City supports “Creative Talents” , who have experience of IT and di gital content development in metropolitan area and wish to move to local areas or return to their hometowns.

Case of Business Establishment (Japanese version only)

You can see the companies that started their businesses operations in Fukuoka City in the category of  “Headquarters Functions and Growth Industry”, which is one of the targeted industries of Fukuoka City.


Business Attraction Section
Investment Promotion Department
Economy, Tourism & Culture Bureau, Fukuoka City
1-8-1 14F Tenjin, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City, 810-8620
Phone: +81-(0)92-711-4849