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Welcome to the Fukuoka City International Student Support page!
Find information on how Fukuoka City supports international students.
You can receive support with your studies, job hunting, or even starting up your own business in Fukuoka.
Why not study in Fukuoka City and start your career here!


1. Global Community FUKUOKA

グローバルコミュニティFUKUOKA    グローバルコミュニティFUKUOKA1

"Global Community FUKUOKA" Report

 In October 2015, we held Global Community FUKUOKA, a kick-off event to make Fukuoka a city where global human resources gather and play an active role. The event attracted current and former international students, and representatives from universities, companies and government offices located in Fukuoka. Everyone enjoyed the event and talked about the success of international students around Fukuoka.

Global Community FUKUOKA Promotion Platform

Global Community FUKUOKA Official Facebook

2. Scholarships

Fukuoka City International Foundation Scholarship

 This scholarship was established to support international students who want to get a job or start a business in Fukuoka.

Eligibility            ●You must enroll in one of the following universities:
Kyushu University, Fukuoka Women’s University, Kyushu Sangyo University, Seinan Gakuin University, Nakamura Gakuen University, Fukuoka University, Fukuoka Institute of Technology, Fukuoka Jo Gakuin University (Undergraduate students or graduate students)

●You must hold at least N3 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) or have Japanese skills equivalent to that of the N3.

●The total amount of your scholarship does not exceed the amount of Japanese Government Scholarship.
Scholarship Amount  50,000 yen per month
Number of Recipients  About 40 students
Duration  4 years for undergraduate students: 2 years for postgraduate students

留学フェア1 留学フェア2

●Fukuoka City joined the Study in Japan Fair in Myanmar●
 In August 2018 and 2019, Fukuoka City set up a booth at the Study in Japan Fair held in our sister city Yangon, Myanmar. The booth promoted Fukuoka City as a destination to study by introducing programs such as the Fukuoka City International Foundation Scholarship.
 In addition to introducing universities and scholarship programs available in Fukuoka City, we offered a VR experience of the Hakata Gion Yamakasa festival and did a quiz about Fukuoka.
 Many students and their parents visited our booth, and all who responded to our visitor questionnaire said they wanted to choose Fukuoka as an option for studying abroad.

Future Development Scholarship

This scholarship is provided by businesses, organizations and individuals, and allows the scholarship providers to meet the students face to face.
Recipients can communicate with people in Fukuoka through visiting and talking to providers.

Eligibility Eligibility requirements are set by each provider (organization, business or individual)
Scholarship Amount For graduate students:    500,000 yen or more per year
 For undergraduate students:    300,000 yen or more per year
 (Amounts vary depending on the scholarship provider)
Number of Recipients The number varies depending on the scholarship providers. (About 15 students)
Duration 1year* (may be extended depending on your circumstances)
 *Durations may differ depending on the provider

福岡市職員との意見交換会1    市職員との意見交換会2

Exchange Opinions with Fukuoka City Government – The Fukuoka City Government Scholarship for International Students
 Fukuoka City offers the Fukuoka City Government Scholarship for International Students, which is funded by the Chief Executives Association, Executive Directors Association and Directors Association.
 Once a year, a meeting is held for recipients and city staff to have open discussions on how to develop Fukuoka into a more livable city for international residents, how Fukuoka City can contribute overseas and other topics. This is a great opportunity for students to learn about the Fukuoka City Government’s structure and initiatives. It is also a great opportunity for city staff, as they can directly hear opinions from international residents and utilize them in the workplace.

3. Job Hunting Support

Internship Program for International Students

 The Internship Program for International Students is an internship at local companies for international students who want to work in Fukuoka City. This internship can also serve as an employment test.

・Interns can experience the atmosphere of the workplace and how and what to do during an internship experience.
・With hourly payment, interns do not have to worry about their living costs.
・After the internship, you can get a job at the company if both you and the company agree on working conditions.

 >> Click here for details of the program such as applicant eligibility


Comments from a past participant of the Internship Program (who was employed by the company where they interned at)
 I had a stereotypical image of Japanese companies, where hierarchical relationships were clear and the working atmosphere was strict. But my image changed after my internship experience. The atmosphere at the company was very good, and the president and senior staff were kind and taught me about the job. I had not been confident with my Japanese ability, but through the program, I think my Japanese skills improved.

 Click here for more stories!
 >> 福岡留学ストーリー / My Story in Fukuoka City

International Student and Business Exchange Salon

 The Exchange Salon is aimed at deepening mutual understanding between international students who want to work in Fukuoka or Japan, and local Japanese companies that are interested in hiring international students as global human resources. International students who want to work in Japan are able to get important information on employment, including what type of companies there are and the skills they need to acquire.

交流サロン1 交流サロン3

Fukuoka International Students Support Center

 The Center provides counseling services on student life, introduces part-time jobs and provides support for employment while studying at university. It also offers follow-up services after graduation. 
 Fukuoka City acts as a member of the steering committee.

4. Relaxing Restrictions on International Students’ Residence Status

 If international students studying in Fukuoka City participate in the Internship Program for International Students, they are eligible to stay in Japan for up to two years to continue looking for employment!


●This deregulation has become a reality thanks to a proposal from Fukuoka City!
 It can be difficult to find a job within one year after graduation, because it can be challenging to conform to the Japanese job hunting environment. However, Fukuoka City suggested the national government relax regulations and extend this job hunting period from one year to two years. In December 2016, this proposal was approved and has since been put into practice nationwide! Now, international students are eligible to extend their stay in Japan for another year if they want to get a job after graduation.

5. Startup Support

 Fukuoka City has implemented various measures as a Startup City to support budding entrepreneurs. Through MoUs concluded between Fukuoka City and startup support hubs around the world, startups in Fukuoka are able to receive international business services while in Fukuoka.

Fukuoka Growth Next

 Also known as FGN, Fukuoka Growth Next is a startup support facility established in the city center in collaboration with public and private sectors that events on startups.

Startup Cafe

 Located inside Fukuoka Growth Next, this space is used by startups to prepare for setting up their business and to receive consultation services after they have started their businesses.

Startup Visa

 Fukuoka City supports international residents attain the Startup Visa, a special visa for starting up a business in Fukuoka. The Startup Visa system permits recipients to receive a six-month Business Manager visa without fulfilling prerequisites after receiving approval from Fukuoka City.
 As of 2020, international students have been able to change their visa status over to a Startup Visa while still studying at university.

6. Everyday Support & International Exchange

Welcome Kit

 New international residents in Fukuoka City receive a welcome kit of brochures containing useful information on everyday life when moving into Fukuoka City and registering their address at the local ward office.
Available languages: English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Nepali


Japanese Language Classes


 There are 58 Japanese language classes run by volunteers in Fukuoka City and the surrounding area (as of October 2022).
 The Japanese Class Map includes the name, venue, ability level and cost of each class. You can find a suitable class depending on your location, your school’s location and your Japanese language level.
 The map is available in English and Japanese.   


 Specific questions regarding legal affairs, the procedures of residential status, psychological counseling and medical services, as well as general enquiries are accepted.  

Exchange Program with Japanese People

 Exchange programs with Japanese residents take place around Fukuoka City. Enjoy homestays, homevisits and events such as “My Hometown and Fukuoka” by international students.

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