LastUpDate: December 9, 2016
Fukuoka City National Strategic Special Zone for Global Startups & Job Creation



↑  This website introduces Fukuoka City Government Startup initiatives, such as Startup Packeage.

What is National Strategic Special Zone?

National Strategic Special Zones are special designated regions in which exclusive regulatory and system reforms are implemented in order to verify their effects, and are created for the purpose of economic revitalization of Japan.

The National Strategic Special Zone for Global Startups & Job Creation is different from the original Special Zones in that the Japanese national government takes initiative in theme selection and zone designation.

Fukuoka City Startup Package!

 As National Strategic Special Zone, Fukuoka City has prepared the Startup Package, which helps the city attract domestic and international companies and entrepreneurs, through implementation of regulatory reforms in status of residence, employment, and taxes.

 STARTUP PACKAGE for Foreign Entrepreneurs(4,805kbyte)pdf

 Startup Cafe ×The Employment Consultation Center

 Fukuoka City opened the Startup Cafe in October 2014 as a meeting spot for startup entrepreneurs and those who want to support them.

 In November 2014, the national government set up the country’s first Employment Consultation Center inside the Startup Cafe. At the center, lawyers and staff provide explanation and consultation on laws based on employment guidelines, in order to facilitate startups’ and global companies’ entrance into the Japanese market .

 In addition, to promote matching between startups and potential employees in the public and private sectors, the first Startup Human Resource Matching Center in the country was launched inside Startup Café in the end of March 2016.

StartupCafe   Startlogo

Japan’s First “Startup Visa (Entrepreneurial Incentives for Foreigners)”

 With the Startup Visa, foreign applicants may receive status of residence despite unsatisfied requirements. If Fukuoka City deems that applicant will meet all requirements within 6 months based on his/her business plans, and approval is given by the Immigration Bureau, then the status may be granted.


First issuance of Confirmation Letters of NBIP in January 2016.

Financial Aid for Renting Residential & Office Spaces

Foreign entrepreneurs with a promising business plan may be eligible to receive financial aid to be used towards renting residential or office space within Fukuoka City.

In addition, assistance will be provided in finding residential or office space, and entrepreneurs will be given priority entry into Fukuoka City’s incubation facilities.

  Rate & Monthly Limit To Be Used For Duration of Aid
Residence50% (up to ¥70,000)Private rental residencesOne year
Business Office50% (up to ¥50,000)- Private sector incubation facilities
- Private rental offices
One year

 Office and Residential Rent Subsidy Program for Foreign Startups

Implementing Fukuoka City’s Proposed,National Government Approved 
“Tax Reduction for Startups” 

Fukuoka City has implemented the Startup Corporate Tax Cut, targeting risk-taking and pioneering startup entrepreneurs. The tax cut eliminates 20% of taxable income for companies in their first five years of establishment.

※Targeted fields: IoT, international affairs, medical care and agriculture.