主要事業である「The Creators」「アジアフォーカス・福岡国際映画祭」「福岡アジア文化賞」の三つを柱に、
特別企画として姉妹都市締結記念事業「YANGON PICK!!」も開催。

The 2017 Asian Party, now in its fifth year, was held throughout September and October under the themes of “Asia,” “Creative” and “Now”.
It was supported by the three major sectors of ‘The Creators’, ‘Focus on Asia International Film Festival’, and ’Fukuoka Prize’. This year also included the special event ‘Yangon Pick!!’ to celebrate the establishment of sister city relations between Fukuoka and Yangon. Events were produced through the joint efforts of private companies and organizations, with 23 businesses involved and about 570,000 participants.

Fukuoka Asian Party

The Creators
~最先端エンターテインメント体験型フェス~The Creators: A Festival for Experiencing Cutting-edge Entertainment

2017.9.9 Sat - 10 Sun

The intensive promotion of Fukuoka to be the ‘Creative Entertainment City’ had contributed greatly to the growth of Fukuoka’s up-and-coming creative artists and agencies. There were cutting-edge visual presentations using state of the art digital technology and entertainment with three mega screens set up on Fureai Hiroba next to Fukuoka City Hall. Highlights of this year’s two days of performances include talk shows by top creators, a contest and awards ceremony for child programmers to discover the creators of the future, and an exhibit making use of the latest imaging technologies, such as VR, to show visitors the attractions of sister city Yangon and the exciting energy of the Hakata Gion Yamakasa festival. These events proved to be a huge success in unifying the quality creations of Fukuoka, Japan, and Asia.


Focus on Asia Fukuoka International Film Festival

2017.9.15 Fri - 24 Sun

This event focused on identifying, spreading, and observing the growth of talented Asian artists and their cultures. There were screenings of many breakthrough movies from Asia and a chance to chat with these artists themselves in an effort to shape into a leading city of creative entertainment.

This year, the opening ceremony was held at the newly-renovated Sun Plaza Stage of Canal City Hakata. The colorful stage was set up featuring an interplay of fountains, images, and sound.

A total of 63 works were screened, including a special collection of Thai films. With each screening, the directors, actors, and actresses came up on stage to expound on their film, hold symposiums, and answer questions from the audience.

Furthermore, there were screenings of foreign films and projects which had received shooting support from the Fukuoka Film Commission. Fukuoka locals enjoyed seeing how their hometown was portrayed on the big screen. There was also a screening of a film shot collaboratively among creators from southeast Asia and Japan who had planned their project together at an exchange workshop.


Fukuoka Prize

2017.9.21 Thu - 24 Sun
アジアにおける固有かつ多様な文化の保存と創造に顕著な業績をあげた個人又は団体を顕彰することにより、アジアの文化の価値を認識し、その文化を守り育てるとともに、人々が相互に学び合いながら、幅広く交流できる基盤づくりに貢献しています。毎年9月に受賞者を福岡にお招きして、授賞式や市民フォーラム、学校訪問等の市民交流行事を開催しています。今年は、大賞受賞者のパースック・ポンパイチット氏(タイ/経済学)及びクリス・ベーカー氏(英国/歴史学)が初の連名での受賞となりました。学術研究賞は王 名氏(中国/行政学・NGO・市民研究)、芸術・文化賞はコン・ナイ氏(カンボジア/音楽)が受賞され、それぞれの受賞者による市民フォーラムや学校訪問が行われました。

The Fukuoka Prize was established to honor outstanding achievements by individuals or groups/ organizations in preserving and creating the unique and diverse cultures of Asia. The aim is to foster and increase awareness of the value of Asian cultures as well as to establish a framework within which people can learn from, and share with, each other. The laureates of the year are invited to Fukuoka in September for the official events such as the award ceremony, public lectures and school visits. This year’s Grand Prize went to the prize’s first-ever joint laureates, Pasuk Phongpaichit (Thailand / Economics) and Chris Baker (U.K. / History). The Academic Prize went to Wang Ming (China / Public Management, NGO and Civil Society Studies), and the Arts and Culture Prize to Kong Nay (Cambodia / Music). Public Lectures and School Visits were held by the laureates.


Yangon-Related Event: “Yangon Pick”

2017. September - October
平成28年12月に姉妹都市となったミャンマー・ヤンゴン市。この姉妹都市締結を一つの契機と捉え、今後、福岡・ヤンゴン両市の方々の間で様々な形の交流が始まるよう、アジアンパーティ特別企画“Yangon Pick”と銘打ち、経済交流会や市民の皆様に向けてのPRイベントなどの事業を実施しました。 ヤンゴンビジネスセミナーや両市の訪問団による経済交流会など経済関連の事業を実施したほか、福岡市民の方々にヤンゴンの魅力を紹介する事業として、本場ミャンマー料理や360°シアターでヤンゴン体験ができるイベント「ミート・ヤンゴン(meet YANGON)」の開催や福岡アジア美術館での「ようこそ、ミャンマー美術へ!」コレクション展、学校給食でのミャンマー料理シャンカウスエの提供、また、ヤンゴン市内でも福岡の魅力を発信するイベント「FUKUOKA-YANGON フェスティバル」を開催するなど、幅広い形でPR事業を実施しました。

Yangon in Myanmar became Fukuoka’s sister city in December of 2016. The establishment of this sister city relationship became an opportunity to begin various exchanges between the people of Fukuoka and Yangon. One such commemorative program is “Yangon Pick”, a special project of the Asian Party. The program included business-related activities and promotional events for citizens.
Business-related activities included the Yangon Business Seminar and a business networking among delegates from both cities. Citizens of Fukuoka enjoyed the “meet YANGON” event, where locals were introduced to Yangon’s attractions by sampling its traditional cuisine and by “visiting” Yangon in a 360-degree theater. The Fukuoka Asian Art Museum also held an exhibition titled “Welcome to Art in Myanmar!”. The wide range of promotional events that were held include exhibits of art collections, serving the Myanmar cuisine “shan khauk swe” in school lunches, and the “Fukuoka-Yangon Festival” held in Yangon to promote Fukuoka’s attractions.


Related Events

2017. September - October

Companies and organizations collaborated to hold a range of events and spread information related to Asia and creativity throughout the duration of Asian Party, bringing even greater success to the proceedings.