LastUpDate: November 8, 2017


【Notice from Fukuoka City】 What to do if a missile is launched at Fukuoka City

Sending Information to Residents

 In the event of a missile launch suspected to have an impacton Fukuoka City, the government will disperse information via ʻJ-Alertʼ, sending the information to your mobile phone either as Emergency Alert Mail (Softbank, au, Y!mobile) or Area Mail (Docomo).

 ※Some mobile phones/carriers may not be able to receive emergency information, such as those which are SIM-free. Please download a smartphone application like ʻYahoo! JAPAN disaster prevention flash reportʼ to serve as a replacement.

When emergency alerts are issued via text message

【When you are outdoors】

・Head into the nearest roofed structure.
・Evacuate to the sturdiest structure you can find, such as underground facilities like subway stations, underground shopping arcades, or concrete buildings.
・Should you find no evacuation sites in the area, go find shade to hide in, or lie down on the ground and cover your head.

【When you are indoors】

・Broken pieces of windows or doors maybe dangerous.
・Lie down in the center of the building, staying away from windows or doors.

 We ask for your understanding and cooperation in this missile drill.




※SIM フリースマートフォンなど,一部の携帯電話では,受信できない場合があります。スマートフォンアプリ「Yahoo!防災速報」などの防災情報アプリでも受信することができますので,予めアプリのダウンロードをお願いします。