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Hakata Culture vol.2

Anthologizing Fukuoka's History

Anthologizing Fukuokas History

In the Edo Period an ancient “kin'in” or golden seal which symbolized a diplomatic relationship between Japan and China was discovered in Fukuoka. The seal, which has been made a National Treasure, tells us that the history of Fukuoka/Hakata is the history of interaction between Japan and Asia itself. There have been ties between Fukuoka and foreign countries from ancient times to the present, during every historical period and every government, and traces of this interaction remain in the city.

The history of the city is a valuable community asset. Many local governments are anthologizing the history of their city or prefecture to convey to later generations the history of the places in which they live. While there have been histories written of Fukuoka City, they were mere descriptions of government documents and records from relatively recent times.

In fact, few places in Japan have as many traces remaining of its interaction with foreign countries as Fukuoka. Now, many researchers have begun to anthologize the city’s history from a broad perspective. Work is underway on a massive project of 35 volumes, which are planned to be published over 15 years. The project is led by professors at Kyushu University and involves 99 researchers from throughout the country. The first volume, scheduled to be published this year, will be a compilation of material related to the Japanese Middle Ages and include a special section on folk customs. The project will focus on the area now occupied by Fukuoka City and its surroundings. Its survey of history from prehistoric times to the present will also focus on areas outside the country, particularly Japan's relationship with Asia.

The editors’ objective is to create a city history accessible to citizens while maintaining high standards of accuracy and content. The material that is collected and recorded will be preserved and maintained as an asset of the citizens and for the promotion of local historical research, scholarship, and culture. I hope you’re looking forward to it as much as I am!
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