11年目を迎えた2023年のアジアンパーティは、「アジア」と「クリエイティブ」をテーマに9月から10月にかけてThe Creatorsや福岡アジア文化賞、FaN Week関連イベントのほか、民間企業・団体等と連携しアジアの今を体感できる様々なイベントを開催しました。


The 2023 Asian Party, the theme of which is "Asia" and "creativity", now celebrates its eleventh year. From September to October, a variety of events were held in collaboration with The Creators, the Fukuoka Prize and FaN Week related events, as well as private companies and organizations to allow participants to experience the current trends of Asia.
Moreover, for the first time in four years, the 2023 edition of the Asian Party was held in full with a total of 21 projects, enabling around 410,000 people to experience trending Asian culture.

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The Creators
~最先端エンターテインメント体験型フェス~ ~最先端エンターテインメント体験型フェス~
A festival where you can experience cutting-edge entertainment Sat.21st – Sun.22nd October 2023

The Creators

The Creatorsは、「クリエイティブ・エンターテインメント都市・ふくおか」を国内外に広くPRするとともに、福岡のクリエイティブ産業の振興に寄与することを目的に開催しています。福岡市役所西側ふれあい広場では、ステージ上に大型ビジョンを設置し、最先端のデジタル技術とエンターテインメントが融合したステージが展開されました。

The Creators is a festival held with the aims of contributing to Fukuoka’s creative industry as well as promoting Fukuoka as the “City of Creative Entertainment" throughout Japan and abroad. A large screen was set up at the main City Hall Plaza venue to deliver new types of performances featuring a fusion of the most state-of-the-art technology and visual entertainment.
The 2023 event was held across a total of five venues around the city: the Fukuoka City Science Museum, the Fukuoka Art Museum, the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum and the Engineer Café, as well as at the City Hall Plaza, providing a “real” interactive experience.
With live music performances by artists active both in Japan and overseas, an application design award for children aimed at finding future generations of creative talent, and digital art exhibitions offering interactive audio-visual experiences, it became a lively event where you could experience both entertainment and cutting-edge technology.
Fukuoka Prize Tue.12th – Fri.15th September 2023



The Fukuoka Prize was established to honor individuals and organizations that have made outstanding achievements in the preservation and creation of distinct and diverse cultures in the Asian region. The Prize aims to foster and increase awareness of the value of Asian cultures, as well as to contribute to the creation of a foundation for broad-based exchange and mutual learning. Specifically, the prize laureates are invited to Fukuoka to attend the award ceremony and to interact with citizens through public lectures, school visits, and other events.
In the 33rd edition in 2023 three laureates were invited to Fukuoka in September to hold the Public Lectures which allowed for participants to join the event both on site as well as via an online streaming. By doing this, we were able to communicate the achievements of the laureates and Asian culture to the audience both in Japan and abroad.
Other events







第15回 福岡インディペンデント映画祭