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【World Cafe】
"Toward the Realization of a City
Where Global Talent Gathers and Takes on Active Roles -
What We Can and Should Do
as an Individual or as an Organization in the Future"


    The theme of World Cafe is "Toward the realization of a 'city where global talent gathers and takes on active roles ' - what we can and should do as an individual or as an organization in the future."
    All participants, including international students and participants from local businesses and universities, were divided into several groups of 5 to 6 and discussed at each tables the challenges proposed or ideas shared in Keynote Speeches or the Panel Discussion. On behalf of these groups, 4 groups made a presentation on comments and ideas from the discussion to share them at the venue.

▼Staff member of a university in Fukuoka

    At our table, we discussed that international studenst require of universities and local governments.
    An international student from South Korea said he took a two-year leave from university due to military service and got in trouble with the university on the payment of his tutuion fees during his leave. We have discussed this matter at our table and as a result, we have come to teh conclusion that Japanese universities need to improve their systems in light of the situations of their student' home countries, instead of rejecting unexpected problems that cannnot be handled under existing rules.
    I believe that this is one of the matters relating to "flexibility," which is one of the elements required for the globalization of universities. As a university employee, I also will make use of what I hace learned and discussed at today's World Cafe in my work in the future.

▼Former "Junior Ambassador" at the Asia-Pacific Children's Convention in Fukuoka

    At our table, we discussed that we can do for international students who wish to find a job in Japan.
    Many people from local companies and universities are participating in today's event. If collaboration between local companies and universities is strengthened, local companies may be able to provide universities with information on what kind of students the are looking for and universities may be able to tell their international students about what kind of qualifications are required to obtain the job students wants. This may help international students to find a job in Japan nad may lead to mutual benefits between local companies and universities.

▼International Student

    To archive a "city where gobal talent gathers and takes on active roles," I believe that it's necessary to hold more events in Fukuoka in which stake-holders from industry, academia and government, including international students and people from local companies and universities, can gather together, like today's event, "GLOBAL COMMUNITY FUKUOKA." If there are more such events, local companies may have more opportunities to introduce themselves to international students and international students may be able to better understand them. In this way, more and more international students may wish to find a job at loval companies, which may lead to the realization of a "city where global talent gathers and takes on active roles."

▼Faculty member of a university in Fukuoka

    At the university whre I work, many international students wish to find a job in Japan. However, all of them cannot necessarily find a job in Japan.
    Recently, an icreasing number of international students wish to create a startup after graduation, but in my opinion, international students, including those who wish to start a business on their own, first need to learn through internships how to work at Japanese companies and how Japanese companies are run and managed.
    Moreover, take Chinese students for example, not all of them are the same. Their home regions, specialists and personalities are different, so I believe that can inspire each other more. I hope that there will be more opportunities for students (including Japanese students) to inspire and motivate each other.

▼Coordinator Ota Hiroshi
Comments Following Discussion, Global Community FUKUOKA

    Today's event brought together people from industry, government and academia, including international students, university faculty and staff, and people from local companies and the business community, to exchange ideas on one topic from various perspectives. Although we had only a short period of tiem together today, it was a very valuable opportunity to hold this discussion with you all, from different positions. This is the end of this event, but our efforts are not over. I hope that you will take this as a starting point and continue to work on there efforts to achieve the goal of creating a city where global talent gathers and takes on active roles together. It's not easy to find effective solutions to these challenges, which is why it's important to think of  them in our daily lives and continue to discuss how to act. I know it's not easy, but I hope that you will try to do so together with us in the future.

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