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LastUpDate: March 10, 2010

Hakata Culture vol.37

Fukuoka City: Where the Robots Roam

Robosquare Picture

The Robocup event held in Fukuoka City in 2002 was the first spark for promoting efforts to foster robot-related industries in the area, and make the city “a town where people can interact with robots.” One of those efforts is Robosquare on the second floor of the TNC TV Building, next to the Marizon Fukuoka Tower in Momochihama, Sawara Ward.

Did you know that Robosquare has about 150 robots on permanent display, of which there are 40 different models, and present "Robot Show" three times a day on week days, and four times a day on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays? Some of these include robots that show Robosquare's originality and ingenuity such as a traditional craft Kuroda-bushi Robot with a head of Hakata doll and Hakata-ori kimono costume, a friendly tissue-dispensing robot "Mospeng-kun-2", "Tetsujin 28", a popular cartoon character known in English as Gigantor and the "AIBO", a dog-shaped robot that makes cute gestures. "AIBO" is so popular that there are events such as "AIBO Party" that attracts fans from around Japan every year. No other site anywhere exhibits so many varieties of robots. People come from all over Japan as well as overseas to see and study them. Adding to the site’s appeal is the free admission.

Of even greater interest than looking at, playing and interacting with the robots is the opportunity the Robosquare offers to participate in different robot classes. Every Saturday, Sunday and during school holidays, classes such as robot assembling and programming are offered. You can apply online for the robot classes at the Robosquare's website. Recently, Robosquare has been accepting group applications submitted from South Asian countries.

There are quite a few families, both parents and children, who have attended the class together and became robot fans. Higher education classes are offered as well. Kyushu University’s “Humanoid Studio,” and Waseda University’s Fukuoka branch are located next to each other at/in Robosquare, and members of both faculties teach classes and deliver lectures at the Robosquare facility. On your next vacation, why not take the whole family to Robosquare and learn to love robots?

Robosquare 2-3-2 Momochihama, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka
Tel: 092-821-4100
Open: 9:30 ~ 18:00
Closed: 2nd Wednesday (except in January, July, August and December), December 31 ~ January 2

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 Kimiyo Sasaki

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ロボスクエア 福岡市早良区百道浜2-3-2  Tel: 092-821-4100
開館時間:9時30分~18時00分 休:第2水曜日(月除く)、12月31日~1月2日

 福岡市広報課長 佐々木 喜美代