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019 LEVEL-5 Stadium, home to Avispa Fukuoka (Akihiro Hino)

Avispa Fukuoka, a professional soccer team affiliated with J League, plays its home games at LEVEL-5 Stadium. Nicknamed "Levesta," it is located near Higashi Hirao Park in Fukuoka's Hakata Ward. In March of 2008, LEVEL-5 secured a three-year naming right to the stadium, which had previously been known as Hakata-no-Mori Stadium.
"This summer we're going to release the soccer game that we've been working on," says Hino. "There was a desire to get involved in soccer and have soccer fans become familiar with LEVEL-5."
Although Avispa Fukuoka is presently in the J2, they are intent on returning to J1. "We will consider ways to decorate the stadium from now on. We want to do everything we can to support the team's promotion to J1," says Hino. Along with the new stadium name, Avispa Fukuoka hopes to make the jump to the next level of professional soccer.

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Akihiro Hino

CEO/President LEVEL-5 Inc.

Born in 1968, Hino founded the Fukuoka-based production company LEVEL-5 in 1998 and was involved in popular role-playing games such as Dragon Quest. He is presently acting president of Game Factory's Friendship (GFF).

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