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Fukuoka and Hakata have played and continue to play an important historical role in connecting Japan and continental Asia. Fukuoka City has accumulated numerous Asian cultural assets (for example, the over 900 Asian films screened at the Fukuoka International Film Festival stored in archives, and the only Asian contemporary art museum in Japan, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, just to name a few) and manpower over the past 20 years through various Asian cultural events, such as the Asian Pacific Festival Fukuoka, Fukuoka Asian Cultural Prize, Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale, and Focus on Asia – Fukuoka International Film Festival. Fukuoka.

The site "Fu:a" (foo-ah) was created for the purpose of letting people living in Fukuoka as well as the rest of Japan and all over the world know that Fukuoka has such a wealth of assets. In addition to Asian cultural assets that can be found in Fukuoka, Fu:a will bring you information about the city's cuisine, events, and charm!

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