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Kae Byok

Kae Byok
Country惻Region Korea
Archive Topic Awarding Winning Directors
Asian History
Category Feature film
Asia Focus: Year of the Fukuoka Film Festival 1993
Director Im Kwon-teak
Cast Lee Duk-Hwa / Lee Hye-Young / Kim Myung-Kon
Other Information 1991 / Color / 35 mm / VISTA / 135 minutes / English Subtitles

Dong-Hak, a newly founded belief based on a mixture of Confucianism, Buddhist and Taoism, arose in Korea in the 19th century. The film depicts the life of Hae-Wol, who is the second master of Dong-Hak. Dong-Hak which advocates human equality, spreads like a cult religion. With the number of the followers increasing, Dong-Hak gains the power to organize a rebellion of farmers against repeated suppression. Japan began its aggression in Asia on the pretext of the suppression of the Dong-Hak Uprising.

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