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Madonna and Child

Madonna and Child
Country惻Region Philippines
Archive Topic Awarding Winning Directors
Category Feature film
Asia Focus: Year of the Fukuoka Film Festival 1996
Director Marilou Diaz-Abaya
Cast Lorna Tolentino / Stefano Mori / Ariel Rivera
Other Information 1996 Color / 35mm / VISTA / 121 minutes / English Subtitles
Madonna and Child-image2

After having a baby despite not being married, Louella gives her baby up for adoption to the church in order to work in Hong Kong. Seven years later, she returns to the Philippines and learns the church has moved and her son goes missing. "Madonna and Child" portrays a lot of problems in the Philippines by weaving into each scene messages about working overseas and the bonds of mother, child, and family. This is an excellent work of the Philippines' leading female director, Marilou Dias-Abaya.

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