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Fukuoka and Asian Exchange Project - Linking the Future with the Power of Youth

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Fukuoka is a city that has welcomed a great amount of foreign envoys throughout the history as the gateway to Asia. Currently, Fukuoka has sister cities and friendship cities that span the globe. Many of these cities are located in countries and regions of the Asia Pacific Region. These relationships broaden the sphere of grass-roots international exchanges. In addition, the ‘Asian Pacific Children's Convention in Fukuoka’ and the ‘Fukuoka - Guangzhou - Busan Internship Program’ are two programs focusing on children and students who will be leaders in the future, and are great opportunities to cultivate a better understanding by mutually learning about each others lifestyles and cultures by spending two weeks in each others countries. These two programs play an important role in the nurturing the development of children who will bridge Fukuoka and the rest of Asia.

Asian Pacific Children's Convention in Fukuoka
Bridging Japan, China and Korea! University students getting a hands-on experience at companies in Fukuoka

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